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Analysis of attacks/vulnerabilities SS7/Sigtran using Wireshark (and/or tshark) and Snort (EN) Versión:Inglés
This study presents a methodology for this serious problem of signaling worldwide and that will necessarily extend at least during the next ten years.
We could say that on dates close to 2010, it has begun to be heard that this Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) (true heart of the entire world voice network and certain types of data) presents serious security problems. The exploitation of them opens a range to all types of attacks that are currently being executed in several telephone operators, stealing money from bank accounts, intercepting phone calls, locating the position of mobile phones, performing different types of fraud in voice and navigation, executing denials of service , etc.
It is worth mentioning that the "traffic analysis" is the ONLY methodology we have to understand and evaluate this type of anomalies in our signaling flows, for this reason the work is based on the "Wireshark" and "Snort" tools.
This article of almost seventy pages, is part of the security work that I have been doing and disseminating for more than twenty years.


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